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Cargills Bank Ltd - Wattala

Bank & Finance   Wattala  
City or Town: Wattala

Founded on the belief that uplifting the people in the rural sector will strengthen our nation, on the basis that our nation has always been an agrarian society, being once renowned as the granary of the east, from the ancient kings to the present day, the fortunes of our nation has always centered grown around agriculture.
Thus, the Cargills Bank logo in its entirety, portrays an ear of paddy, a symbol of prosperity and agriculture in Sri Lanka. The upward movement of the logo depicts prosperity and growth. The colour; a hue of Red and Orange, denotes a bright future. As we look closer, we also see people standing behind one another, being symbolic of supporting each other, giving significance to the nature of the human spirit, that an individuals success is built on the community and support, of which Cargills Bank is also a part. The tag line Banking on the Human Spirit, embodies our philosophy and belief in the resolve of the human spirit, of people, as they endeavor and strive for success.

Phone : +94117506100

Address : No. 315, Negombo Road Wattala

Opening hours : Week Days 9AM5PM, Saturday 9AM1PM, Sunday Closed